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Choosing an Equine Veterinarian in Boise, ID


Imagine this scenario: you’ve been training with your newest horse, Pandora’s Box, for the past six months.

You flew out to Germany just to try her out, and aside from her throwing you off in the middle of your ride, she’s perfect (all horses have their quirks, right?). Her gait is smooth and she canters like a dream. You’re all set to take her to your first horse show together. It’s a nearby schooling show, nothing too big. And then, she gets laminitis. If this is a frustration you’ve encountered before, you might be in need of an equine veterinarian in Boise.

Horses are such delicate animals for their enormous size. We ask quite a bit of them, too. Most horse owners will tell you that if you want to keep them in working shape, you’ll need to be on a first name basis with a local Boise equine veterinarian. While Panda’s laminitis right before a horse show is frustrating, a sudden case of extreme colic can be quickly deadly.

But how do you know you’ve found the right vet? As we mentioned above, you’re likely going to be seeing quite a bit of them over the years. One of the most important things to look for is a veterinarian who can travel to your location to do stall-side diagnostic testing and treatments. You can’t go transporting a sick horse at the drop of a hat every time they have a medical problem. The good ones can even perform some of the smaller surgeries your horse might need on location. This is all in addition to the basic regular care your horse needs to stay healthy, of course.

If you have a horse athlete, you need someone you can trust. These animals are by no means inexpensive, and their health needs to be carefully monitored. The right equine veterinarian in Boise knows how important it is to keep these animals at peak performance levels so that you can keep showing and your horse can stay healthy and happy. If you have any questions about equine veterinary care or mobile visits, please feel free to reach out to us at Animal Medical Center of Emmett.

Equine veterinarian in Boise, ID
Equine veterinarian in Boise, ID
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