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3 Ways to Use a House Call Veterinarian in Emmett


With all these delivery services popping up, it’s no surprise that you can also get veterinary services delivered right to your front door.

But what procedures can actually be done by a mobile vet? And how do you know that having the veterinarian come to you is the best option for your situation. Here’s a list of how you could benefit from using a house call veterinarian in Emmett.

  1. Farm Animals

    People who own larger farms are likely already familiar with having the vet visit the animals on site. But what about people with a hobby farm, a few chickens or just the one one goat? Mobile veterinary services are especially important here if you don’t have a vehicle to safely transport these animals to a veterinary clinic for medical care.

    Three chickens
    Farm animals are a great reason to call a mobile veterinarian
  2. Special Needs Pets

    Read: your crotchety 16 year old cat that hisses at anything that moves when you take her to the vet’s office. She likely has arthritis and plenty of aches and pains that make transporting her in the car  painful, too. You can get her regular physical exams, diagnostic tests to make sure she’s free from Heartworm, and monitoring of her chronic health conditions right in the comfort of your own home. And if you find a great house call veterinarian who’ll come to your home in Emmett, maybe she’ll even hiss a little less at them. Maybe.

  3. Special Needs People

    Whether you’re having a harder time getting around yourself or you’re just too darn busy these days to squeeze another chore into your week, a traveling vet can certainly make your life easier. Just because you have your own difficulties in life doesn’t mean you’re not fully capable of checking everything off your to-do list, including getting your pets and animals the kind of care they need. And with appropriate wellness exams, vaccinations and preventative care, you can avoid those future emergencies that really make life difficult.

If you have any questions about what services might be covered by house call veterinarians and how you might benefit from them, please feel free to reach out to our team at Animal Medical Center of Emmett.

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